1. \”… Though it would not be long until Liam would come on James' fluffy, new titties recieving his spew.\”Dude!\” James exclaimed in Susan's high, slutty voice, \”I hope you're not done, your mom's body's so choice! If that's all that you've got since I put this shape on, then I guess I'll just wait 'til your dad's home and with him I'll get off!\”Liam's jaw hit the floor upon hearing James' words as his friend smeared 'her' big fat tits with his best friends hot 'kurd'.\”Don't give me that look,\” said the 'MILF' in a fit, \”If I'm now your wet dream I've got your hot slit. But think not for a second that bow since you've dumped, one load just won't do me, I've got to get humped!\” Well, Kat, now that that's said, I wonder if you'd be willing to reset your settings so that when your readers right-click on your captions to open them in a new tab they don't just jump straight into downloading? Perhaps saving and posting them as jpeg images might help? They'll load faster that way too.Liking your work, but I'd prefer not having them dump down to my machine in order to read them, hun.Peace,Lust&Kinkiness!!!Elle

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